5 things to do when your vagina smells like onion

Does your vagina smells like onion? Enshrined in this amazing article is a step by step guide on how to deal with vagina smell once and for all.

Vagina smell is quite different from one person to another, I mean, the way you smell down there may not be the same way I smell down there because we all have our own distinct smell.

When you start noticing a strong unpleasant smell like that of an onion, then you may be suffering from an infection or other vaginal health issues.

Actually, your vagina does not have onion inside but when you perceive an onion-like odor from your vagina? It smells trouble.

There are dozens of things you can do when your vagina smells like onion, the first being that you need to discover the cause of that smell, and then you look for a solution.

According to research published in the New York Times, people with vaginas “are most frequently concerned about how their vaginas smell”.

The vagina smells, yeah, but with a distinct scent but when it degenerates to something more unpleasant like onion smell or fish smell, you need to act fast. With this article, I will show you what to when your vagina odor smells like onion.

Why does my vagina smell like onion?

The major cause of Bad vagina smell can be as a result of your food intake (the kind of food you consume), lack of exercise, forgotten tampon, poor hygiene, and possible yeast infection.

5 major reasons why your vagina smells like onion

  • Food: Foods like garlic, onion, vinegar, and spices are listed here as some of the culprits responsible for bad vaginal smell. Don’t get me wrong, these foods are great and very nutritious to the body but when taken in excess, it can alter the scent of your sweat, breath, or vaginal odor.


  • Lack of Exercise: Lack of exercise has been proven to be one of the root causes of your vagina smelling like onions. Yes, you need to exercise often to burn out excess fats through sweat. This helps in removing dangerous toxins from your vagina.


  • Forgotten Tampon: Tampons is a soft material inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual blood. It is normally used by ladies who are menstruating. If left inside a vagina for longer than normal time, it gets to smell very badly. Forgetting to remove your used tampon can cause your vagina to smell like onions.


  • Poor Hygiene: Bacteria love to live and grow in a dirty environment. When your overall hygiene is poor down there, your vagina could start smelling very badly. Although the vagina cleans itself naturally, you still need to put in some efforts.


  • Synthetic underwear: Wearing synthetic materials can lead to unpleasant smell from your vagina. It restricts fresh air from circulating down there.


  • Yeast Infection: Another reason why your vagina smells like onions or fish is a yeast infection. Yeast infection causes some whitish discharge from the vagina; this discharge can emanate an offensive odor.


5 things to do when your vagina smells like onion

Thinking of what to do when your vagina smells like onion? I’ll show you the proven home remedies to treat onion smell from the vagina.

Exercise regularly

A healthy exercise can help reduce, if not eliminate that unpleasant smell from your vagina. Pelvic floor exercise is highly beneficial to anyone suffering from this issue. It helps to strengthen and support the muscles of your vagina area.

Have a good diet plan

A good exercise and a healthy diet plan are very necessary if you must do away with unpleasant smells in your vagina. Good food is essential in maintaining a healthy vagina.

Avoid perfumed soap

Stay away from scented soap, douching or scented vaginal washes. Use mild soap or wash instead, they help to prevent bacteria buildup in your vagina.

Practice Safe sex

By practicing safe sex, I mean you should always use protection (e.g condoms). STIs are real and very deadly. By protecting yourself, the risk of contracting yeast infection is reduced. Always see a doctor once in a while of STI check-up.

Wear cotton panties

Stay away from tight underwear or leggings. It is advisable to wear good cotton panties; they help keep your vagina or vulva clean and fresh. It also protects your vagina from vaginal irritation.

See your Doctor

Lastly, do not hesitate to see a professional health practitioner if you notice abnormal changes in your discharge of fluid. It will save you further stress and expenses.


It is very important for every lady to pay close attention to their vaginal health. This will help in a great way to protect your vaginal and keep it fresh and healthy both for yourself and for your partner.

No one likes unpleasant food. No man would want to get down to you when your vagina smells like onion.