How to stop itching down there at night Stop the Itch Instantly!

Do not suffer in silence; learn how to treat vaginal itching today and save your further itching down there especially at night and in public places.

Before you can talk about how to stop itching down there, you have to think about first the cause of the itching at the first.

Unlike vaginal irritation, vaginal itching is more severe and serious than vaginal irritation.

Vaginal itching can be caused by many factors including skin infections like eczema, vaginal dryness, rash on vagina, STIs and yeast infection.

If the itching occurs at the outer part of your vagina, it could be eczema or other skin infection but if you feel the itching sensation inside of your vagina, then it could be a Sexually Transmitted Infections or Vaginal yeast infection.

That being said, today, I am going to show us how to treat vaginal itching.

I am going to talk about using conventional drugs to treat vaginal itching and also using natural remedies to treat vaginal itching.

How to treat vaginal itching at home instantly!

Vaginal itching treatment depends on what is causing them. Like I said above, this itching could be as a result of STIs, Yeast infection and menopause. Either way, there’s a specialized treatment for vaginal itching.

How to treat Vaginal itching as a result of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

It is important you know what is causing that irritation, and this can be done if you have visited a professional doctor. Do not assume your health status; get clarifications from qualified personnel.

If your itching is as a result of STIs, you need to take shots of antibiotics and anti-parasitics. Remember, if left untreated, it could result in a condition more dangerous and serious.

 How to treat Vaginal itching as a result of yeast Infections

Yeast infections are another cause of vaginal itching you may not know. Research has shown that a larger percentage of women suffering from itching down there are caused by yeast infection.

This kind of infection causes severe itching sensation on the inside of the vagina and can be very severe if left untreated.

If you must treat this yeast infection, you have to use strong anti-fungal creams for yeast infection. These creams are very good in treating vaginal itching as a result of yeast infection.

Worthy of mention is the …… antifungal cream for itching vaginal and …..

Remember, if symptoms persist after using these creams, consult a medical expert.

How to treat vaginal itching as a result of menopause

Trying to stop vaginal itching down there can be different if you are approaching or already on menopause.

In this case, you don’t have to panic though. This itching is usually caused by a low estrogen level. You see, when a ladies approaches menopause, she encounters occasional vaginal dryness which can also lead to vaginal irritation or itching.

The best way to treat this itching down there is to use estrogen cream, tablets, or vaginal lubricating creams.

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7 Natural Home Remedies for Vaginal Itching Treatment

Vaginal itching treatment must not be on antibiotics and creams, the outline below are some DIY home remedies for treating vaginal itching.

  1. Always eat foods that contain probiotics. Foods like yogurts, kombucha, kimchi, etc have a high concentration of probiotics which is very good to fight yeast infection in women. You can buy probiotic supplements, such as capsules and tonics shop online
  2. Always wear cotton panties and avoid synthetic materials. Cotton material allows your vagina to breathe and receive fresh air.
  3. Practice good hygiene. This entails washing your vulva (not your inner vagina) with warm water.
  4. Avoid the use of harsh soaps and deodorants on your vagina.
  5. Avoid douching and scrubbing unless it is prescribed by a medical doctor.
  6. Always use anti-fungal creams for yeast infections (highly important)
  7. Lastly, the home remedy you choose will depend on the cause of the itch, therefore it is important you visit a medical personal if you feel uncomfortable.


Whatever you do, do not neglect your overall vaginal health. Practicing good vaginal hygiene can prevent and heal an itchy vagina. Vaginal itching should not be termed as normal. It is a dangerous disease and should be treated with levity.

Having this in mind, it is highly important you know your way around on how to treat vaginal itching and stop that embarrassing itching down there.

Also outlined in this post are some basic natural home remedies for vaginal itching that can cost you little or nothing.

Use your cream judiciously and do not fail to visit a physician if symptoms persist.