8 Steps on How to shave vagina without bumps and irritation

You may not know how to shave vagina without bumps until you read this guide. You have been doing the wrong thing all this while.

Doing the wrong vagina shaving technique can be detrimental to your vagina health; itches and bumps will be the other of the day.

Most times, when you shave, your genital area can feel itchy and prickly because the skin in this area is very sensitive. This is why some ladies prefer to trim their vagina hair other than shaving their vagina hair.

Although removing the hair around your private part is a personal preference, it is necessary you do so to stay neat and clean.

Having your pubic hair overgrown can help breed a favorable ground for some unwanted bacteria to live in.

If you are afraid of shaving your vaginal hair because of vaginal irritation or bumps, no more worries as I am going to show you how to shave vagina without bumps and irritation.

There are different ways of removing your pubic hairs, you can use the waxing method using done in a spa or you can use hair removal creams for pubic hair and you can shave it manually using a razor, scissors or shaving kits.

One thing is sure, there’s no right way of removing your vaginal hair. Whichever method you use, it’s okay.

Although waxing is my top best method. It can keep hair away for weeks.

Remember, shaving your pubic hair does not make it grow back thicker and darker but however, if you must shave, it is important you use the right vaginal shaving kits.

The vaginal shaving kits I am talking about may include razors, scissors, creams or gels.  If you are tech-savvy or lazy like me, you can get your own electric razor for shaving.

What you need to start shaving

Before shaving your vaginal hair, it is necessary you have all this in your vaginal kit.

  • Hair Removers
  • Scissors or Clippers
  • New pivoting razor with multiple blades
  • Shaving cream or gel
  • Light, unscented moisturizer

8 Steps on How to shave vagina without bumps and irritation

Well, here is how to shave vagina hair. That is if you even want to shave it. You totally don’t have to if you want.

  1. Get a good shaving kit ready.
  2. Take a warm bath or shower; shaving while the shower is on is much easier than bathing, you can spread your legs while the water runs through.
  3. Apply shaving fragrance-free antibacterial feminine wash on the area you want to shave; If you have a shaving brush, spread the gel or cream with the brush in circles to help lift hair so you get a good and closer shave.
  4. If your pubic hair is overgrown, use fresh scissors (sterilized pair of scissors) to trim it down a bit.
  5. Now, using a fresh blade, first, go in the same direction of your pubic hair growth and then in the opposite direction of the same for a good shave.
  6. Always rinse your razor at intervals to avoid it being clogged up with hairs.
  7. Wash and rinse the shaved part with warm water.
  8. Using a soft cloth, gently dab the shaved are to get it dried up.
  9. Lastly, moisturize the shaved area with a fragrance-free cream.

To avoid getting your vagina irritated after shaving, keep all your shaving creams off the inside of your body and avoid shaving during your menstrual period, as your skin is more sensitive at that time. This is a step by step guide on how to shave vagina without bumps.

DIY Remedies for Bumps after shaving

When you experience the above-mentioned symptoms after shaving your vaginal hair, you can reduce uneasiness by simply doing the following:

  • Do not squeeze or burst the bumps or pimples in the affected area.
  • Soak a clean soft towel in a warm tub or take a warm shower and allow the warm water spray your vaginal area
  • Gently pat or dab (don’t rub please) the shaved area with the soft towel.
  • If you have a hand drier (not advisable though), you can dry with a hairdryer using a cool setting
  • Avoid tight panties, if you must wear one, always wear cotton panties.
  • You can apply fragrance-free creams in the area.
  • Stop shaving for a while and change your shaving kit.
  • For severe bleeding, rash or itching, call your doctor.


If you follow the step by step guide on how to shave vagina without bumps above, you will have nothing to worry about except and smooth and fresh pubic area.

However, if you develop a rash, red bumps, or itching on your vagina area days after shaving, there are quick DIY remedies you can try at the comfort of your home.

Normally, these symptoms usually go away within a couple of weeks but If bumps don’t go away in a week, please see a professional Doctor or your family health care provider.