How to Have a Healthy Vagina: 5 Ways Keep Your Vagina Healthy & Happy

“is my vagina healthy and normal?”  I do get this question from clients regularly. so today, I am going to talk about how to have a healthy vagina. This is one of the pressing questions bothering ladies.

As you should know, vaginas vary in size and shape. Vaginas bring a lot of pleasure to both women and men. I mean healthy vaginas though. When your vaginal activities become fussy, it calls for concerns.

Even in the midst of vaginas with different sizes, colors, and shapes, there’s one thing common which is being healthy.

5 undeniable facts about a healthy and normal Vagina

In my years of learning and research about this female reproductive organ, I have come to realize many true facts about the vagina.

  • Vagina varies in shapes and sizes
  • I have learned about how they get to behave when aroused, this only includes how they smell.
  • There’s these slightly metallic smell peculiar to a healthy and normal vagina.
  • A healthy vagina gets wider, thicker and longer when aroused very well.
  • They also contain a variety of both good and bad bacterias which ensures balance in vagina pH levels which keeps your vagina always healthy, happy and smooth.


So many women want to know how to have a healthy vagina but most times, it is hard to get women to talk about their vagina. This has inhibited some pressing questions like the one I am treating today.

The society will leave have made it a hard task for women to express how they feel down there and how they want to feel also.

you see, your vagina is one beautiful but complex structure. You may not know this but many factors can actually affect how your vagina feels.

5 Ways Keep Your Vagina Healthy and Happy

In this section, you are going to learn a few DIY tricks on how to have a healthy vagina. I am going to show you some easy ways to keep your vagina healthy, happy and free from vagina issues.

1. Maintain basic Hygiene

People may not know, practicing and maintaining healthy hygiene affects your overall body systems. A dirty environment can contribute to a dirty person. when you fail to keep your things as cleans as possible, it means you have failed to keep your vagina healthy.

How does maintaining and keeping your things clean relates to keeping my vagina healthy?

Some people go days without changing underwears. This is very bad, a dirty vagina area breeds bad bacteria which leads to unpleasant smell, rash, and itching sensation. You don’t want your vagina to smell like onions, do you?

2. Keep scented Soaps away from your vagina

scented soaps and vaginal wash is not good for the health of your vagina. When you wash, always use mild soaps and scent-free feminine washes.

3. Always maintain good vagina pH balance

Vaginal pH levels normally get altered either after sex, when you are on your period or after douching. A healthy vaginal pH level is supposed to be from 3.5 to 4.5.

This allows free room for good bacteria to thrive and creates an uncomfortable environment for bad bacteria that can cause vaginal odor and infection.

This means that the lower the pH of your vagina, the more healthy and clean it becomes. This is why your womanliness such a fantastic self-cleaning organ.

Maintaining the pH environment of your vagina and keeping it in balance helps you prevent infection like yeast and vagina bacteria issues.

Having known this, if the pH down there gets higher than normal, it can increase your risk for vaginal infections and discomfort.

4. Avoid tight clothes and underwear

yeah, I know you want to look sexy and trendy in the body-hugging pants but I must tell you that it is not good for your vagina. Like humans, your vagina needs to breathe.

Tight synthetic clothes are a no for her. Always wear tight free clothes and cotton underwears.

how to have a healthy vagina

5. Always stay hydrated (drink a lot of water)

I can’t emphasize much on the need for taking water. This is a point on how to have a healthy vagina you need to practice seriously.

Water helps you to flush out bad bacteria in your vulva through urine and it helps your vagina maintain healthy odor.

6. Always consult your Doctor

you can not be more religious than the pope himself. On having a healthy vagina, Do not hesitate to consult your health professional if your efforts are not working.

Don’t wait till things go south.


Conclusion: How to have a healthy vagina that is normal and functional

Finally, I want to let you know that every vagina is not the same. They’re different, while most women may never know what it feels like having a healthy and normal vagina while others may go their whole life without ever getting vaginal related problems like yeast infection, pH imbalance, or other issues.

This also means that you might get experience them once or all the time. The race is not about you getting it or not, rather, it’s about you figuring out what works for you (i mean your vagina) and stick to it so that you can always feel that confidence and comfortability.

When you have finally figured out how to have a healthy vagina, so many pleasures are there for you to enjoy.