How to get your vagina to smell good

Do you have a smelly vagina? No problem, I will show you how to get your vagina to smell good and fresh always.  Kindly click and read to the end!

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I am going to talk about getting your vagina to smell good all day.

Vagina odor varies from women to women, it is normal to experience occasional slight smell from your vagina.

In fact, it is a normal phenomenon for you as a woman to have some kind of unpleasant smell, especially during your period.

But this does is not meant to continue.

When you start noticing some kind of persistent foul odor down there, it is no longer safe to keep quiet. This is why you need to learn how to get your vagina to smell good always.

The normal scent for a woman down there is usually accompanied by some kind of “musky” or “fleshy” smell.

Not onion-like smell and also not fish-like smell.

A healthy vagina is good for you as a lady. Not only does it make you confident, but it also keeps you free from infections and bacteria.

Do guys like the smell of vagina?

Yes and no. yes, when it smells good, fresh and enticing and no when it smells rotten or onion-like.

A smelly vagina puts them off.

How to get your vagina to smell good

So, today, I want to show you some hidden tips on vagina care. You’ll learn how to take care of your vagina; you learn step by step how to make your vagina smell nice and fresh always.

Eat good foods

Earlier, I wrote an article on the best foods to make vagina smell nice and I think you need to check it out. You see most times, the foods you consume contribute to your vagina health in a big way.

To get your vagina to smell nice, you need to abstain from eating junk foods, you need to embrace natural foods, you need to cut down some good intakes.

Engage in exercises

Too many fats in your body can contribute to vagina odor. Do you know that chubby ladies stand a great risk of having a smelly vagina than their slim counterparts?

To eliminate fats, you need to engage in exercises to detoxify your body and improve your vagina health. When you do this, you remove excess sugar from your body through sweat and this helps to maintain your vagina’s pH level.

Consume a lot of veggies and legumes

Vegetables and legumes contain a lot of fibers. When consumed always, it helps your bowels to be free and smooth during excretion but that’s not the case here.

Vegetables and legumes in greater amounts help to maintain good vagina health. When taken in large amounts, this vegetable fiber helps promote good bacteria in your bowel.

Now, since most of the bacteria that come in contact with your vagina are from the colon, it is important that you keep your vagina healthy by keeping your colon healthy.

Avoid douches and scrubs at all cost

Yes, you may think you are getting rid of bacteria by engaging in douching and scrubbing but unknown to you are actually killing the good ones. it’s not necessary. The vagina is a complicated structure that naturally cleans itself.

Therefore, you don’t need to do all that. Allow your body to clean itself.

Do not use deodorants and body sprays on your vagina

Please, it’s not hygienic to use deodorants and body spray on your vagina area. The fragrance mixed with sweat can be offensive and allow some unwanted bacteria to breed.

Stay away from tight clothes

This is very important if you must get rid of the bad smell from your vagina. Your vagina needs to breathe. It needs fresh air to function well.

Wearing tight clothes will limit the amount of fresh air coming to your vagina.

Always wash your vagina after intercourse

On how to get your vagina to smell good always, you need to always wash it before and after intercourse. Sexual activities breeds bacteria which should be gotten rid of by washing with clean water and normal toilet soap.

Always wear cotton panties

Do not wear synthetic panties, there are not ideal for your vagina. Always prefer cotton panties over synthetic panties because cotton panties have the ability to absorb moisture than synthetic ones.

Drink Water always

Always stay hydrated. The importance of water in your life cannot be under-estimated. Water can help your vagina’s overall health by encouraging healthy fluid exchange and sweating.


Your vagina’s overall health is your number one priority as a lady. If you don’t learn how to get your vagina to smell good now, I wonder when you’ll do so.

Do what is right and you’ll never regret it.

Making sure your vagina smells nice is a necessity.

Much love from Vagina Care Guide.