How to Get Wet after Menopause and Enjoy Sex Anytime

So many bugging questions like how to get wet after menopause or can a woman climax after menopause has been an issue to aging women, but today, I will show you various ways to get wet and horny even after menopause.

To enjoy sex more, getting wet is a must for every woman. whether on menopause or not, it is your right to get wet after menopause and enjoy sex to the fullest.

Even with age on your side, you can still enjoy sexual intercourse with or without lubricants. In fact, one of the vital ways to prolong your lifespan as a woman is to engage in regular sex, this does not only make you livelier, it enriches your skin and makes you glow.

unfortunately, many women undergoing a pre-menopausal or postmenopausal phase of their lives have complained of their inability to get wet or get aroused when in contact with their partners.

this has grown to be a very big concern to them. However, it is very necessary for you to know that there’s a remedy for that because I will show you the various ways in which you can get wet after menopause.

Do not feel sad about aging as a woman, in fact, old age is a blessing. In this state, you may want to worry less about contraceptives, STIs and the likes, although you can still be prone to contacting Sexually Transmitted Diseases if you are not careful.

This phase is actually the best time to enjoy sex as regular as possible.

How Does Menopause Affect Sex Drive?

Menopause actually affects your sex drive as a woman because there tends to be a steady but gradual decline of estrogen production in your body.

The gradual loss of estrogen in your body can lead to low sex drive and vaginal sensitivity. In this condition, you’ll find it difficult to get aroused sexually.

Let me blow your mind,

Do you know that while some women experience low sex drive during menopause, some actually experience high sexual libido?

Sounds weird right?

Well, that’s the truth, the female body actually differs from individual to individual but with this post, I am concerned about showing you how to get wet after menopause anytime.

Naturally, as a woman, your body tends to change as you age on, your hormones also change alongside your body. While these changes are rapid to some women, it is slow to others.

So, when you notice that you are finding it hard to get wet after menopause, you should know that there’s a decline or increase in your estrogen level.

Another way menopause affects your sex drive is through vaginal dryness. Yes, you heard me right.

Vaginal dryness can pose a big problem during menopause. in this condition, your vaginal tissues are unable to produce as much lubrication as possible during intercourse and this can make sex very painful and difficult for you.

To successfully get wet anytime you need sex, even after menopause, it is necessary you learn how to remedy Vaginal dryness at once.

 How to get wet after menopause: 6 Proven Ways to Enjoy sex anytime

In order to get wet and have orgasm after menopause, there are few proven steps you have to take to get aroused anytime you want to have intercourse and enjoy sex happily in your old age.

1. Eat good healthy foods

To maintain a healthy and flexible body, you need to eat good food. There are specific foods that are good for the vagina. These foods help your vagina to smell and taste good, it also helps to increase your sex drive and help you get wet during sexual activities.

2. Engage in prolonged foreplay before intercourse

Another age long method of getting very wet during intercourse is to engage in prolonged foreplay. Good foreplay before sex helps to increase your vaginal lubrication, make it very wet to receive your partner. During menopause, you may have to ask your partner to touch and romance you more in order to get more horny and wet.

3. Treat STDs and Infections

Although I did not mention this above, STDs can affect your sex drive after menopause if left untreated earlier. Some vaginal infections like a vaginal yeast infection, itching vaginal lips can hamper your ability to get wet. in this case, I advise you to see a doctor immediately.

4. Use Estrogen Creams

One of the reasons for low sex drive and low secretion of vaginal lubricants during sex is the absence or low estrogen level in women. However, one of the ways to know how to get wet after menopause is to use estrogen creams or tablets.

There are good estrogen tablets and estrogen creams to boost your production right back so you can enjoy intimacy like you used to.

5. Use Personal Vaginal Lubricants

Your inability to get wet is a function of your vagina’s inability to produce lubricants enough to last a round of sexual intercourse. You can remedy this by getting personal vaginal lubricants. this helps to lubricate the thin walls of your vaginal for easy and sweet sexual intercourse

6. Engage in Regular Exercise

Another proven way to boost your sex drive during or after menopause is to engage in exercises. You can lack a sex drive when you are physically out of place or emotionally down. Engaging in healthy fitness exercises helps increase your libido which in turn helps you to get wet anytime during or after menopause.


the truth is that your sex drive won’t change after menopause, so long as you have been sexually healthy before menopause, you can still enjoy sex and get wet even more after menopause.

Research has shown that women who are happy and sexually active before menopause actually continue the same during their postmenopausal state.

To get wet more often and enjoy sex without vaginal abrasion and irritation you really need to put what you have learned today on How to get wet after menopause and enjoy sex anytime.