5 Best Affordable Period Panties For Plus Size Women

A big shout to all the “big women” out there. You guys rock! And if you don’t mind, I will be reviewing the best period panties for plus size women in this post. You’ll learn about the most effective leak proof period panties that can be used in place of disposable pads and tampons.

All you need do is to sit tight, relax and read to the end, I assure you that you’ll love the idea behind period underwear for plus size ladies.

In this post, I shall do a lot of reviews pertaining to period panties for big ladies; this includes yoyi fashion period panties, bambody overnight period panty, women menstrual period panty and other pretty good leak proof panties for menstruation.

Most of us have been comfortable with the traditional usage of period pads and tampons for so long that we don’t know that the trend has moved to another level.

A period pant looks like your normal underwear but this time, they are laced with a special layer in the vagina area that helps prevent blood or other vagina fluids from seeping through, leaving you with confidence and peace of mind.

To the BBB (Big Bold and Beautiful) ladies who have used period panties instead of period pads, liners and tampons will confirm that they feel very safe and effective.

Furthermore, another advantage of period underwear over pads and tampons is their economic implication. While period pads are disposable and expensive, period panties can be washed and reused for each menstrual cycle.

You can even get as many designs as you wish to have. As a plus size lady or teenager, period panties are no big deal; they look and feel just like your normal underwear but with a special layer to prevent fluid leaks during flow (whether mild or heavy).

Advantages of period panties over pads, tampons and liners.

Although they work basically for the same purpose, these are the benefits of period panties over period pads.

  • Period underwear can be washed and reused, unlike pads
  • Even when you are not on your period, period panties can serve as your normal underwear
  • They’re cheap when compared to some expensive pads and tampons
  • A period pant can be worn overnight, unlike disposable pads that require frequent monitoring and changing.
  • Period underwear is cost-effective and they reduce waste as compared with disposable pads and tampons.
  • Tampons and pads constitute a huge waste on a monthly bases

Before you read more on the best affordable period panties for big women, you should know that they work independently during mild or heavy flow but it is advisable to use period underwears as a backup for pads and tampons during extremely heavy flow.

Having considered the factors above, we have picked the best performing period panties for plus size women to use instead of pads and tampons from huge customer reviews and testimonies.

What is the best leak proof period underwear for big Ladies

These are our recommended picks on in ascending order. You can order them online from amazon.com

1YOYI FASHION Women Menstrual Period PantiesBuy from Amazon
2Bambody Absorbent/Overnight High Waist, multi size Period PantyBuy from Amazon
3Women Menstrual Period Protective PantiesBuy from Amazon
4Intimate Portal Sporty 3 Pack Leak Proof Period PantiesBuy from Amazon
5Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Breathable PantiesBuy from Amazon


Warning: The menstrual panties mentioned here can be hand wash and air-dry. Please machine wash and spinners are allowed but are not recommended as it could destroy the special layers under the leak proof linings.

5 Best Period Panties For Plus Size Women

#1 YOYI FASHION Women Menstrual Period Panties


Our top pick for the best period panties for plus size women is the YOYI fashion women menstrual panties. While we were testing multiple leak proof period panties for women, we found out that YOYI fashion menstrual panties came tops both in cost, effectiveness and reliability.

YOYI fashion Period Panties Review

Yoyi period panties come with a variety of sizes for both small and plus size women is equipped with a fluid-resistant lining, which works excellently for days with menstrual cycle heavy flow, postpartum bleeding or urinary incontinence in women.

It provides protection from leaks while fitting perfectly to your waist. Yoyi XXL period panties go all the way to the waistline to prevent any unexpected leakage.

If you have been relying on disposable pads for your periods, you should try YOYI Fashion women menstruation panties either as a backup to your pad and tampons or a standalone menstrual pantie.

Buy from Amazon

#2 Bambody Absorbent/Overnight High Waist, multi-size Period Panty


Our second pick is the bambody high waist period panty. It eradicates that phobia of leaks in public entirely. Very beautiful and effective, it can fit into your waist, considering the varieties in sizes.

A Bambody period pantie offers you both front and back protection during your monthly flow. You don’t have to panic about leaks anymore as these breathable and silky panties take care of that. You can use it separately or as a backup for pads and tampons.

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#3 Women Menstrual Period Protective Panties


One of the most effective Women Menstrual Period Protective Panties leaves you secured and comfortable with no side leaks whatsoever.

You can trust this leak proof menstrual underwear even for days when you have menstrual cycle heavy flow. It comes in different sizes and can fit into your wide hips.

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#4 Intimate Portal Sporty 3 Pack Leak Proof Period Panties


This is the best period panties for plus size women who engage in fitness activities and sports. It comes with a four-layer leak proof materials. These four layers work hands in hands to absorb, lock and guard leakage going through, giving you total peace of mind even when exercising.

It protects you against embarrassing leaks during heavy flow, while fitting into your frame. We also recommend this product to everyone.

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#5 Fruit of the Loom Women’s Underwear Breathable Panties (Regular & Plus Size)


This underwear one of the few good period underwears for plus size women. it is made with breathable, micro-mesh fabric that supports the flow of air around your private region but is modest enough to ensure you are fully covered and protected from leaks. We don’t advice you to use this period pantie independently although you can use it together with a pad or tampon.

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Wrapping up

Nowadays, period panties are the game changer. As a plus size lady, getting, getting a period panty won’t be a bad idea especially when you considered the advantages. Period panties hold your bums in place and prevent them from swinging loosely while walking and above all, it prevents blood from escaping through.

You can grab one of this period underwear for plus size women and use them as a backup to pads and tampons during heavy flows.