6 Best foods that make vagina smell good and taste good also

Do you want to smell nice down there? Kindly read to the end as I will show you the best foods that make vagina smell good.

Hi ladies,

Welcome to my wonderful blog vagina care guide; the best vagina care blog for ladies and today, I am going to show you how to make your vagina smell good by eating healthy foods that are good for the vagina.

For ladies, some unusual smell may occur from time to time due to hormonal changes in ladies but what if a particular vagina smell becomes persistent?

What do you consider a normal vagina smell or odour?

You will agree with me that a healthy vagina’s normal scent may best be described as either “musky” or “fleshy.”

During menses, it can have this slight metallic smell which is very temporal. But this goes beyond normal when the odour refuses to go.

Believe me,

The food you eat has a role to play down there. Most ladies spend the bulk of their time on other parts of their body while neglecting their vagina.

Just like any other part, your vagina should not be neglected.

Aside from the traditional but effective method of using water and soap to clean your vagina, drinking cranberries juice and eating healthy foods can help eliminate abnormal vagina smell.

Foods you need to eat for a healthy vagina

There is a specific food which brings out the best smell out of your vagina.  Good food keeps your vagina smelling good all day long but bad food makes it uncomfortable for you and your spouse.

The effect of what you consume as a lady may be different from that of another, and whatever smell you emit down there is a matter of what you want.

Notwithstanding, I am going to show you with this post the best foods that make vagina smell good and like taste good too.

I’m so sure that you don’t want your vagina smell like onions, or do you?

6 Best Foods that make Vagina Smell Good and taste good also

Maintaining a healthy diet as a woman has proven as one among the numerous ways to make your vagina smell good and nice. This is why I have put together the best foods that make vagina smell good all day long.

Apples and Pineapples

Pineapples one of the best foods that make vagina smell good and it have been scientifically proven and accepted by some folks to improve vagina smell and make you taste better.

While Apple, as we all know, is a good food to improve sexual performance in ladies, increase in libido and helps maintain a good vaginal smell.

Now, there’s not a specific way of taking these foods, you should always take them till you discover positive changes.

Kombucha tea

Kombucha made from black or green tea appears to have strong antibacterial capabilities, which particularly work against infection-causing bacteria in women.

This tea also contains antioxidant properties and one of the Probiotic-rich foods that are good for your sexual health.


Experts have advised that it is always necessary to stay hydrated in order to maintain a moist, fresh and lubricated vaginal area. This will help eliminate vagina dryness, and also keep the place smooth, clean with good smell.

Crank berries

Crank berries popularly known as Krank berries is a popular edible food which is known for its exceptional health and beauty benefits on account of its high nutritional values.

Always consume crank berry juice, its nutritional values help your body include your vagina to maintain a good PH level and helps it smell nice.


Yoghurts are great for your health as a woman because yoghurt contains probiotics that are great in promoting healthy vaginal microflora.

This, in turn, helps prevent infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, grapes, limes contain vitamins that are very important to the body; they help to give your vagina and good taste and smell. Thanks to its natural sugars.

You can check this Vitamin supplement for women.

 Foods that can cause a vagina to smell

There are some foods you need to cut down on if you really want to maintain a good vagina smell. Onions and garlic are the culprits.

I don’t say you should stop eating them, just cut down on their intake because too much of it can affect the scent coming out of your womanliness.



Good foods naturally maintain a healthy vagina’s pH level and keep unhealthy bacteria at bay, giving you the most effective and refreshing smell down there.

You may or may not agree with me with regards to the best foods that make vagina smell good but the best way to really find out what does or doesn’t work for you is simply to give it a try.

So instead of contemplating what is and whatnot, why not eat up and enjoy good vagina health.

If not treated early, a bad vaginal smell can be a sign of a bigger concern. For your own good, it’s better to see a doctor early, before the issue grows to something unpleasant.