Best Cream for Itchy Vaginal Lips (Tested and Trusted)

Having itchy vulva? Don’t worry; I have reviewed in this article the best cream for itchy vaginal lips. Vaginal itching without discharge is normal and you don’t have to panic about it.

You may start to wonder, I mean, of all the places, why my vagina? The vagina is one of the worst places to experience an itching sensation.

Like, how do you even get to scratch the place in public?

You will agree with me that friction from activities such as gyming, riding a bike, riding on horseback and wearing tight clothes or underwear may also cause a skin condition known as contact dermatitis on your outer vaginal area.

Although the experience of having itchy vagina lips is really embarrassing for ladies, these itchy thingy is mostly caused by bacteria on your vaginal area.

Now, before you think of getting any over the counter anti-fungal cream for itchy vagina lips, you should know what caused the itch in the first place.

You don’t have to get yourself worked up especially if this itching is not accompanied by discharge or change in your vaginal fluid, there could be a not-so-serious reason for itchy vaginal lips.

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Why am I having itchy vaginal lips?

You may be having itchy vagina lips because of some reactions as a result of what professionals call contact dermatitis. This is a condition where your vagina reacts to unwanted bodies in its environment like using scented soap, scented body wash to wash your vagina, bacteria, vaginal irritation as a result of tight underwear, etc.

Reasons for itchy vaginal lips

An Itchy vaginal lip without a change in your normal vaginal fluid/discharge is usually caused from a reaction to something your vagina has come in contact with, this irritation on your vulva could be caused by the following reasons:

  • Wearing dirty underwears
  • Wearing tight underwears and thongs
  • Using scented tampons and pads
  • Reaction from vaginal lubricants and spermicides
  • Overgrowth of bad bacteria in the Vagina
  • Waxing or Shaving irritation
  • Pubic lice: they cause intense itching in the vaginal and pubic areas
  • Using scented soaps and detergent to wash your vagina area
  • Yeast Infection: While yeast infections are usually connected with a change in your vaginal discharge, you should see a doctor to be checked for a yeast infection if your symptoms don’t clear up after some days after using antifungal cream for itchy vagina.

5 Best Cream for Itchy Vaginal Lips (Tested and Trusted)


Based on the above reasons for itchy vaginal lips, it is important you do away from anything that could jeopardize your overall health.

Creams have been proven to relieve these normal irritations in two to three days. You should know when it is right to visit a doctor.

Using anti-fungal creams for vaginal irritation has proven to eliminate vaginal itching in women. This is why I researched and wrote on the best cream for itchy vaginal lips based on recommendations by doctors.

Lastly, stay away from using any scented soaps or shampoos near your vagina area and wash your clothes with unscented detergent or soap and ensure to rinse properly.

Also, stay away from using female hygiene deodorant sprays or douches in your vaginal area.